People Who Grew Up Poor Shared Unwritten Rules Of Life


rules of lifenadjaannabel

Never fill up the gas tank. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have gas in your car but no groceries.



Generous borrowing and “burning” culture. Everything you own is available to be borrowed by other poor people. My family had an extensive movie collection (especially when we could record movies from cable to VHS tapes), and our neighborhood friends were welcome to borrow what they needed. Games, movies, CDs. We swapped and borrowed a lot. Often times, it was only long enough to burn a copy to have for oneself.


rules of lifelabbykun

Most meals were “experiments” made from the food we got from the food pantry.



Going to fast food (with any adult), you only order off of the dollar menu.


rules of lifeForgotwhyimhere69

Its funny now seeing my leftovers as a bonus snack and not part of the next days meal.

Had some weird lunches packed for me. Like cream cheese and olives in a burrito wrap.