Ultimately Daring Photos that Will Surely Stop Your Heart from Beating

Dare the Dolomities

Are you ready for picture-taking? You probably not want to join those two as they do their poses while hanging on the vertical surface of Italy’s grand rock-climbing spot, the Dolomities.


A cliff-walk at Mt. Huashan, China

Those hikers unleashed their adventurous spirit as they trailed on the thinnest portions of Mt. Huashan’s nearly vertical slope.


Kayaking on a falls

Did you say water adventure? Why not join that man, Jesse Coombs, as he rushes with the angry waters of Lower Mesa Falls in Idaho? As you do it, be ready for a 65-foot fall on the waterfalls.


A selfie on Borovitskaya Tower

What you are seeing is definitely one of the craziest selfies in the world. If you also want to test your adrenaline, have it a shot on Borovitskaya (Moscow’s 177-foot tower).


More than an Olympic dive

So, you say you are a diver? A dive like that down the Azores cliffs will be your most unforgettable drop. That’s truly a dive-of-your-life! Those are only ten of the most daring snapshots ever taken. Why not shoot your own now?