10 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Every traveller dreams of finding an amazing dwelling place after a long and tiring trip. In this case, hotels are actually among the instant solutions. Nowadays, finding one is not a very difficult task anymore. In fact, there can be hundreds of them in your own locality. With the truth that there are a lot of them, however, there are a few that really exceeded beyond the usual hotel representation. Don’t presume that you have already experienced what it’s like, unless you have been a guest in these ten unbelievable inns. Check them out and be amazed.

Manta Resort

If you love the waters, you will absolutely like it here in Manta Resort. This hotel is not your traditional inn along the coast. The facility actually has half of it submerged in the blue water (the Pemba channel). Since you are a beach-lover, you will absolutely love this retreat in the Zanzibar Archipelago. Just imagine you will not need a walk for a dive. You just open your room’s door, and presto! Splash in the water all you want.

amazing hotels

amazing hotels

amazing hotels


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