These Twin Sisters Were Ashamed Of Their Incredible Hair, But Now They Became Famous For It

Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder and a set of twins with a notably distinct feature – their hair. It’s something that the duo hated until quite recently: “I was beginning to actually hate my hair and seeing it as a huge obstacle,” Cipriana said.

After tiring of constantly straightening their wild locks, the twins decided to embrace their natural look, and it just so happens that the rest of the world adores it! With a massive following on Instagram, the girls are also the proud owners of the also popular blog “Urban Bush Babes”.

They have gone from their natural hair to becoming the unofficial queens of natural hair! “I think it came to a point where it was derogatory toward people who wore their hair natural, and there was a certain stigma around people who wore their hair natural or in an afro,” TK Wonder said.

“It was about breaking down stereotypes and derogatory perceptions that people had about natural hair.” Since embracing their natural look, the girls have become confident, passionate and leading authorities on what constitutes beautiful, natural hair.

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