Man Braid: Men Are Creatively Weaving Their Hair

Guys always try to sport a funky hairstyle and man buns have been popular among men ever since the start of generations. Better known as Man Braid, they are a wonderful hairdo and are layered and twisted into highly fashionable designs that men can sport over their head to all the way down.

Men wear these braids based on their taste and liking. While some men prefer highly traditional braids, some prefer choosing ponytails that are funky. They can get creative with it and try any hairstyle they want based on their preference. Man Braid has been catching up worldwide and people from all over the world are using their creativity and uploading it using the hashtag #manbraid. We have compiled a list of our favorite man braids and you can have a look at it by scrolling below. What is your favorite?

man braid blue hair@barbiealeks

man braid hair trend@timonnimtz

man braid hair@winkasheville

manbraid hair trend@proflyboarder

manbraids hair@ruusutapettia

manbraid and tattoo@thegypsyviking

man braid@thenickvisconti



manbraid trend@krisztianlonyai


man braided hair@fashionrake

manbraid with flower@alexvanderhoek