40 Clueless People Who Have Trouble With Technology

21. My Professor Got Bored In Class So She Went On Facebook. She Really Didn’t Seem To Notice Her Laptop Was Still Connected To The Projector


22. Nothing Like Pulling Out A Warm Pillow Out Of The Dryer Right Before Bedtime


23. Don’t Ask Me


24. Customer Brought In This iMac For Not Powering On. This Is How He Apparently Uses It


25. Wondered Why One Of My Earbuds Wasn’t Going In The Charging Case

trouble with technologymrspea84

26. My Sister Was Putting On Her Make-Up In Front Of A Window And The Mirror She Was Using Burnt A Hole In Her Screen


27. Ripped Off What I Thought Was Protective Plastic From A New Monitor. It Was The Polarizing Film


28. My Dad Photocopied His Phone To Use A Money Off Voucher


29. I Was Really Pleased To Find That My Left-Behind Charger Had Arrived In The Mail. Because I Am My Own Worst Enemy, I Hastily Opened The Package With Scissors

trouble with technologytoolsoftheincomptnt

30. Candle Was Super Fragrant Last Night. Now I Know Why