40 Clueless People Who Have Trouble With Technology

31. Customer Came In With His iPhone, His Glass Cracked, He Thought He Could Peel Off The Glass So He Wouldn’t Notice The Crack Anymore


32. Found Out My Toaster Can Work As A Timer, Even When Not Plugged In. Now I Have To Wait Another 20 Minutes To Find Out How Good These Fish Sticks Are

trouble with technologyzxvegasxz

33. “But I Like It This Way, It’s Convenient” – My Tech-Savvy Aunt


34. Thermostat Had Hardly Worked All Winter, A Friend Suggested I Open It And Look For A Switch

trouble with technologybath-tub

35. Xerox Fault Error 072-210


36. Obviously Scatterbrained Today, I Put A Laundry Detergent Pod In The Dishwasher


37. Brother Couldn’t Figure Out Why His Wi-Fi Signal Was Terrible


38. Just Found Out Why My Mom’s Laptop Wasn’t Charging

trouble with technologyYeetus-Rice

39. Broken Clip? No Problem


40. If You Spill Acetone On Your Table, Make Sure You Clean It All Up

trouble with technologyDivineBanana