40 Clueless People Who Have Trouble With Technology

11. I Decided To Upgrade To An Electric Kettle This Week, A Detail I Remembered As It Burst Into Flames On The Gas Stove


12. Should I Tell My Mom She’s Supposed To Take The iPad Out Of The Box?


13. I Set Up A Lock Screen App That Takes A Photo If You Put The Password In Wrong Trying To Catch My Daughter On My Phone. I’ve Only Caught Myself So Far Mostly First Thing In The Morning


14. I Couldn’t Find My Phone But It Was Connected To The Bluetooth So I Figured It Was Somewhere In… Or Out Of The Car

trouble with technologyschelie

15. My Dad’s Way Of Transferring Pictures


16. iPhone X That Came Into The Shop Today. Customer Said “I’ve Never Dropped It In Water”

trouble with technologyLt_Pineapples_

17. Saw My Mom’s Phone, And Investigated. She Used The Screen Protector’s Throwaway Film Instead Of The Actual Screen Protector


18. I Need Somewhere To Set This Candle. Oh Here’s A Good Spot


19. My Mother-In-Law Keeps Complaining That Her Kindle Wouldn’t Charge


20. Dad Accidentally Turned Off Keyboard Backlighting And Couldn’t See The Keys

trouble with technologysilaxs