TripAdvisor Will Stop Selling Tickets To Places That Hurt Animals


TripAdvisor, one of the most popular travel companies worldwide, made a move that was greatly appreciated by animal enthusiasts! In a welcome move, they stopped the sale of tickets to places that hurt animals; thereby making us reconsider our travel destinations for our future trips. With this move, the company has greatly discouraging its customers from visiting places that do not pay heed to the welfare of animals and abuse them. The next time you do not see one of your intended destinations available on TripAdvisor; you can safely assume that they are abusive towards animals. With this, TripAdvisor has taken a step ahead in stopping the cruelty caused towards animals.

The CEO, Stephen Kaufer, stated in a press release that as per the new booking policy, education efforts are in place to improve the health of animals and this way, they will be doing their bit. With this, TripAdvisor will also actively promote places that take good care of animals.

The booking policy will reflect across the website totally by 2017 and a few changes will be put in effect immediately. Viator, a partner of TripAdvisor is launching an educational campaign so that people are aware about animal welfare and it will also collaborate with PETA.

Thank You for making this world a beautiful place for animals TripAdvisor.

 Our holiday choices will change due to TripAdvisor.

tripadvisor-bans-animal-crueltyAnimal Justice Project

Swimming with dolphins, riding an elephant or petting a baby tiger may sound fun, but it’s abusive to animals

tripadvisor-bans-animal-crueltySave Elephant Foundation

Customers will not be able to book tickets to places that abuse animals.

tripadvisor-bans-animal-crueltyJorg Hackemann

The health and safety standards of animals are set to improve with this change.

tripadvisor-bans-animal-crueltyAnantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Destinations that are friendly to animals will be promoted.


The booking policy will stick to this rule by 2017.

tripadvisor-bans-animal-crueltyCourtney Vail/WDC

An educational campaign will also be launched.

tripadvisor-bans-animal-crueltyCourtney Vail/WDC

Thank You TripAdvisor, you have earned our respect!



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