Treyam: 450-Meter-Bridge Hotel in the Gulf

Saudi Arabia is on a course to build a 450-meter-long bridge hotel called Treyam over a lagoon in the Gulf of Aqaba. Designed by Mark Foster Gage architects, this daring attempt will also be home to an infinity pool. Just like the hotel itself, the pool will stretch over the bridge for its entire length as well. Currently in the works, Treyam will offer residents unique views and perspectives over the surrounding environment, lagoon, and the gulf. The hotel will be a part of the NEOM project that started in 2017. NEOM is a proposed urban district in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. Similarly to the hotel, the city of NEOM also aims to provide citizens with livability, business, and conservation.


While there are of course other buildings for entertainment, Treyam Hotel is the bridge itself. The 450-meter-long bridge will consist of 250 rooms with glass windows, glass floors, and glass ceilings as well. The rooms will fully provide the residents with views of the lagoon.

treyam and the residents

The lagoon in the area is quite an interesting ecosystem. With conscious practices in mind, the architects of the hotel do not want to bring any sort of damage to it. Therefore, they planned to lift the hotel over the lagoon where it is safe for the water. In addition, the bridge over the lagoon will have the opportunity to observe both the water and the sky together through the glass.

treyam complete bridge

While the hotel is of course the main point of the project, the facilities inside it are also an integral part of the experience. The bridge hotel will include wellness and fitness clubs, spa treatments, and pool activities for sports and entertainment lovers.

treyam main hotel

Treyam is not the final work of Mark Foster Gage in NEOM either. Aside from the bridge hotel, the studio is also designing a secret garden in the district as well. All of these additions to NEOM and to the Line which is the 170-kilometer-long city of the project, will surely direct all attention to the modern Saudi architecture scene again.

treyam and the gulf
the bridge hotel
the bridge hotel and the foundation
the bridge hotel and the pool