Oxagon Port City In Saudi Arabia Will Be The World’s Largest Floating Industrial Complex

Saudi Arabia has revealed plans to build the Oxagon floating port and logistics hub, which would be the “world’s largest floating structure”, as part of the NEOM development. Set to be one of 10 regions within the NEOM development in the northeast of Saudi Arabia, Oxagon will become a port city on the Red Sea, designed to take advantage of shipping traveling through the Suez Canal.

Oxagon floating port will be the world’s largest floating industrial complex and the first fully integrated port


The Oxagon port will be the logistics hub for NEOM, a large region to be powered with renewable energy as part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 plan to diversify its economy away from oil, yet using as much oil money as it can right now to build bombastic out-of-touch-to-scale projects. Oxagon port will be built in an octagonal shape on land and with part of it floating into the Red Sea. The port and parts of it as a floating city will be arranged around water-filled floating squares connected by small canals. There are plans for a cruise terminal and oceanographic research center.

Oxagon floating port in NEOM will be a $500 billion futuristic megacity


Bringing together state-of-the-art approaches of industry 4.0 and the circular economy – to create factories of the future for products of the future. This will be a place where innovators and entrepreneurs can accelerate ideas from labs to market, and a city where people come together to live, work and play – in thriving communities. Our fully automated next-generation port will offer unparalleled connectivity to global markets, enabled by an integrated physical and digital supply chain.


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