Top 10 Perfectly Timed Photos

With millions of creative photos out there, how do you compete with your own artistic shots? Photoshop? To tell you, you can come up with a totally interesting photo without making use of any of those known picture-modifying tools. That’s right. You can produce unbelievable yet natural photos with your cameras alone. All that it need is a precise timing on your shutter. To give you some of the best, check out the following. Again, they are completely Photoshop-free.

A human horse?

You are not seeing a sort of a mutant. With the precisely-timed clicked, the man appeared to be a new creature (human body with a stallion’s head).


‘Tails’ of love

Who says a heart shape can only be made out of the long necks of two swans? Those kitties are their competitors. You will feel the love with the heart shaped by these pussies’ tails.


A fart like no other

If that’s a true fart, it will probably smell for a couple of days. Good thing that it’s only a wacky photo. Whatever others will say, it still looks so creative!


The ‘bubble kid’

It’s not that this kid has the ability to bang you with bubbles. That brilliant picture comes with the perfect flash. That’s cool!


Mind control…of a dog?

This photo gives you the thought that the dog makes an object levitate. It will be extremely crazy if there is actually one. At least this shot stirred up your imagination.