40 Photos That Surprisingly Captured In Perfect Timing

Everyone knows that timing is one of the most important part of the photography. Perfect timing makes photos perfect and also create an illusion sometimes. Here are 40 photos that surprisingly captured in perfect timing.

1. Booped By Floppy Fren

perfect timingchloehachiko

2. This Cat Assembling Itself


3. Perfectly Timed

perfect timingJorarl

4. This Diving Photo I Took Of My Friend Makes It Look She’s Doing A Handstand On Water


5. Caught This Incredible Exploding Meteor When I Went To Rattlesnake Lake In Washington, USA Last Weekend. Zoom In To See The Exact Moment It Explodes In Two


6. Slipped And Fell While Photographing A Wedding Party. Snapped A Pic On The Way Down

perfect timingChase_Rich

7. Learning The Hard Way


8. Attempted To Take A Cute Picture Of Me And My Dog. This Was The Result


9. My Girlfriend And Her Friends Tried To Take A Group Photo, Alfie Wanted To Be In It As Well


10. At A Bonfire. Wife Instructs Me To Hold My One-Year-Old Son High To Get A “Cool Shot”. I Think It Looks Like I’m About To Sacrifice Him

perfect timinglava_lump