23 Photos That Surprisingly Captured In Perfect Timing

Everyone knows that timing is one of the most important parts of photography. Perfect timing makes photos perfect and also creates an illusion sometimes. Here are 40 photos that surprisingly captured in perfect timing.

Here are more photos captured in perfect timing.

1. I am so glad the pilot was able to pull his parachute first! How terrifying!

perfect timing
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2. Circle of Life in full effect!


3. One word – OUCH!

perfect timing

4. It would probably be best to keep your eyes open in this situation! I wonder who caught the ball?


5. What an amazing picture!

perfect timing

6. I had no idea that birds could shake their head so fast!


7. I wonder what he’s thinking at that point? Just land this, please!


8. Awww poor doggie! Hopefully he caught up with whatever he was chasing.

perfect timing

9. This is just too cute! Glad the parents managed to get a picture.

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10. I don’t know if that scooter will be fast enough. I would just hop off and run!