Parents Share Their Toddlers’ Funniest Complaints


Overheard at a grocery store: mom let her little boy pick out some ice cream. Kid chooses some sort of chocolate banana popsicle and mom says no. Kid starts crying. Mom says “I thought you didn’t like bananas.” Kid immediately stops crying, says “Oh yeah”, and picks something else.


My daughter (about 5) threw a wadded up piece of paper at us and ran away. We opened it up and she had written, “can I have a snake?”. Wife yelled “no, you may not” and my daughter then came back almost in tears to ask why not. She said, “I ate all of my dinner so why can’t I have one?” Wife asked what that had to do with snakes at which point we realized she had misspelled “snack”. Also, my son put us in a sort of reverse “timeout” once when he got angry. This consisted of him going into his room and refusing to come out… leaving us in peace and quiet. He essentially played himself.


My 3yo had a meltdown because he wasn’t in our 5 year old wedding photos. He said we didn’t love him and that’s why we didn’t even invite him to our wedding.


I watched a friend’s kid have a total breakdown because he wanted to have eaten ice cream. The thing was, he HAD ice cream. It was his dessert, and it was in a bowl in front of him. He could eat it. But the fact that he had to go through the mechanical motions of eating, to get the later point in time where he had had ice cream, was really just too much for him to bear.

Watching tiny humans grapple with cause and effect is fascinating.


My legs are sparkling!

Edit: my legs had fallen asleep


Now that I’ve been working at home (I have a desk set up in my bedroom) whenever I give my 3 year old grief he tells me to go back to work.


When I was about 5 my parents gave me ice cream with chocolate sauce and I broke down crying. Took them a while to figure I was upset at the psycho sick bastard who’d put gravy on my ice cream. Eventually they convinced me to try some and I enjoyed it.


My aunt and younger cousin were visiting us once. He was 3 years old at the time, and my neighbors had a 3 y/o as well. They were playing together in my backyard, when I hear my cousin scream “no, I’M 3! You CAN’T be 3, I’M THREE” while tackling the other child.


I worked at a preschool from this October to December as an assistant teacher. We had a play room next to the classroom and one day we decided to go in there to play. In there was a shelf with a lot of dinosaurs to choose from. A child came up to me and said he wanted to play with the dinos. I said “okay”. This child just sat on the floor and looked like he was having the crisis of his life. Then began to cry and when I asked him what was wrong, he said “there’s too many dinosaurs to choose from”


When my nephew was three or four, I found a cookie that he had stashed in a couch cushion. It was dry and gross and obviously had been there for a while. I immediately went and tossed it in the trash.

My nephew saw this happen and immediately burst into tears. Full-on snotting, hysterical tears. Through his sobs he managed to choke out the words, “you don’t throw away cookies.”

My husband and I use this saying often.