This Poor, Injured Dog Was Saved One Hour Before He Was Due To Be Put Down

All that this pet injured pup had before being put down was an hour. However, people at Vet Ranch became the life saving angels for this pet and Dr. Matt ensured that this dog was back to life. Another dog bit this dog and rather than giving him treatment, this dog was about to be put down. However, someone found him and took him to Vet Ranch, where Dr. Matt provided timely treatment and gave him a name: Gregor. Looking at the injuries, it can easily be ascertained that the life of this pup was pathetic before. Also, the wounds on his body were fresh and were covered with dirt, fleas and ticks. Dr. Matt treated Gregor for a few weeks and now, he is a jovial and healthy pup. Organizations like Vet Ranch help animals and give them the life they deserve rather than putting them down. You can support Vet Ranch by reaching out to them from their website or by following them on their YouTube page.

Now going by Gregor, he was still skittish when Dr. Matt went in to assess the wounds.

 Injured Dog

Even before seeing the injuries, it was clear he had been living a traumatic life.

 Injured Dog

Warning: due to the nature of his wounds, parts of the video are quite graphic.

But after a few weeks of recovery, Gregor is back to being the happy, handsome boy he is meant to be!

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