Cop Finds Stray Puppy And Won’t Leave Her Side Until He Knows She’s Safe



If you’ve worked 12 hour shifts, you know the upheaval and pain that they can bring to you for all kinds of reasons.  This cop, however, went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of a puppy that he found wandering around the streets, abandoned and scared.  He brought the puppy back to work with him, and then at the end of his shift, he brought her to his home.



He continued this pattern for two days, then at the end of the second day, he brought her to the SPCA to make sure she was in good health, falling asleep while she was checked out from head to tail.  When they went to work the next day, she was in great health and found a forever home with the dispatcher of the police station, who loved her cute little face.  Named Hope, this puppy is now well loved and taken care of by a coworker due to the selfless attitude of a police officer that had just finished working 3 12 hour shifts in a row.  Talk about dedication to the job.