Someone Starved This Dog To The Brink Of Death, But Now, She Has A New Lease On Life

We all have a hatred inside for those terrible people who make it their purpose in life to abuse animals.  Many of us are against the and want to do to them what they do to animals (though that’s illegal, unfortunately).  In this particular story, Angel, a beautiful forgotten, abused dog is the victim that has gotten so much attention around the internet. Saved by a young girl that now is enjoying her as a life companion, Angel was brought to Rescue from the Heart and she remained there within their capable hands, teetering on the brink of death from all of the heart-wrenching abuse that she had suffered at the hands of her unknown previous owner. Starved and beaten to a pulp, Angel held on and fought her way back to the top, where she now lives with her new, loving family and understands what it is to be loved and taken care of, like the family member she is meant to be.  While the story is heartbreaking, it’s nice to know that her rescuers are so loving and have given her a new lease on life.

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