40 Things Worn Down Over Time Tell Interesting Stories

Here are 40 things worn down over time that tell interesting stories.

1. The Wear And Scuff-Marks On This Boat Look Like An Island In The Sea

worn downsupremo92

2. Shout Out To Lodge For Replacing My 14 Year Old Dutch Oven Because The Enamel Chipped. No Hassles, Just A Free Replacement In The Mail One Week After Contacting Them


3. My Grandmother Has Kept Her Elementary School Lunch Box In Nearly Pristine Condition For Over 70 Years

worn downHIGHly_intALEXual

4. I Inherited My Grandma’s Sewing Supplies And As I Was Putting Them Away Realized I Bought The Exact Same Buttons That She Did Over 35 Years Ago For Me


5. The Knife At The Left Was Used By A Butcher For 5 Years Straight. The One At The Right Is The Exact Same Knife, But Brand New

worn downMBMV

6. This Jack O Lantern With Mold Growing From Inside


7. Brickwork By The Sea

worn downKeycuk

8. My Work ID Has Been In Its Plastic Holder For So Long That It’s Imprinted This Ghostly Image Of My Face


9. My Neighbors Have An Old Chair With Plants Growing Over It

worn downJoeDragotta

10. The One And Only Basketball That Lives At The Local Park And Somehow Still Bounces