20 Adorable Before & After Animal Photos Showing That Time Flies

There is an adorable compiled list of nostalgic before-and-after animal photos that show how precious time is!

1. “It’s still his favorite toy!”


2. 1 and a half years makes a lot of difference.


3. “These were taken a year apart — last year when I found this little guy walking the streets, and today, getting cuddles.”

animal time fliesApril_loves_James

4. “He helped me get through a very tough year. Couldn’t have done it without him.”

animal time fliesWhite_bubba

5. “Pics of my dog, 2.5 years apart”

animal time fliesPelo_del_perro

6. 7 months apart — old habits die hard!

animal time fliesjustinmillerco

7. “Chewie grew SO much in just 2 months.”


8. “When I first rescued him and now! He and 4 other kittens were left in a city work truck.”

animal time flies


9. From 2 hours old to 8 weeks old


10. No matter how big they get, they’ll always be a pup at heart.

animal time fliesaranjevi