20 Adorable Before & After Animal Photos Showing That Time Flies

There is an adorable compiled list of nostalgic before-and-after animal photos that show how precious time is!

1. “It’s still his favorite toy!”


2. 1 and a half years makes a lot of difference.


3. “These were taken a year apart — last year when I found this little guy walking the streets, and today, getting cuddles.”

animal time fliesApril_loves_James

4. “He helped me get through a very tough year. Couldn’t have done it without him.”

animal time fliesWhite_bubba

5. “Pics of my dog, 2.5 years apart”

animal time fliesPelo_del_perro

6. 7 months apart — old habits die hard!

animal time fliesjustinmillerco

7. “Chewie grew SO much in just 2 months.”


8. “When I first rescued him and now! He and 4 other kittens were left in a city work truck.”

animal time flieschilibowlsgirl

9. From 2 hours old to 8 weeks old


10. No matter how big they get, they’ll always be a pup at heart.

animal time fliesaranjevi

11. “Dr. Zoidberg (Berg) at 4 months old and 8 years old — we think he’s got a bit of perma-kitten face!”


12. “My best friend Savannah turned 17 today. She helped raise 2 boys and has been the best of good girls.”

animal time flieslo0117

13. “6 months later…fluffy to even more fluffy!”


14. “My, how things have changed…”


15. “My dog and me in 1998 and in 2012”


16. “I’m so glad he never grew out of perching.”


17. “Left: 3 months old, right: 11 months old — we also got a third cat in the form of a tail…”


18. The difference 2 years can make


19. “My ’Poppy’ over the course of a year!”


20. Everyone needs a desk buddy.