The Dark Origins Of Clowns

There are clowns out in force attacking southern Californian towns. So you better learn everything you can about them before they come to get you. If they’re anything like their historical counterparts, you might not even recognize them when they’re after you.

 Pueblo Clowns

Some Native American tribes, e.g the Hopi had long olden days clowns. The Tim Burton-dressed satirists above ought to break-up overly serious ceremonies with their lighter tricks.

Dark Origins Of ClownsSacred Clowns & Fools

The Trickster Gods

Many olden days cultures had a trickster god in their pantheons. These naughty masters like the Mesopotamian Enki served as comic relief among the other more serious ruling gods. Their sharp pranks often move the plot forward in tales.

Dark Origins Of ClownsWikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore/Fair Use

Ancient Mediterranean Stupidos

In the ancient Greece was one very big hub for drama where some of the trope characters acted as comic fools on the stages. Stupidos (from the word “stupid”) are also well seen in the Roman festival and parade circuit.

Dark Origins Of ClownsUSU/Fair Use

Pygmy Comics

In the ancient Egypt, Dwarfism was an instant claim to fame. Not only was it was not only connotative with the god of happiness, but also an invitation to serve in the palace as King Pharaoh’s comic relief and servant.

Dark Origins Of ClownsWikimedia Commons/Merlin-UK/Creative Commons