People Are Posting Funny Pics Under ‘Target Dress Challenge’

People are posting funny pics in the dress while carrying livestock, working the land, and doing other typical farm chores on the #TargetDressChallenge. Lorca Damon

1. Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

2. We Really Wanted A Holy Bible For The Shoot But Roads Are Bad And I Couldn’t Get One From The Dollar Tree

Jay Durham

3. My Whole Family Thinks I’ve Completely Lost It (And Maybe I Have), But I Surely Hope This Makes Someone’s Day

Michaela Orme

4. As Sexy As Robert Plant Wearing A Blouse In Concert. “Barefoot With A Chicken” And Showin’ A Little Skin. The Hat Doesn’t Match The Dress But The Coors Bottle Does

Carol Nall

5. From My Husband Matt, “We Have Been Seeing These Funny Target Dress Challenge Shoots, And She Gave Me That Look

Bre Bogert Photography

6. No Chickens Were Harmed During This Photo Shoot

Cheri Lawrence Grovesteen

7. Journal Entry 324: Another Day In The Life On The Homestead While On Lockdown. Made Myself A New Apron And A Bonnet. Recently The Town Accused Me Of Witchcraft And Only Spared My Life Because They Believe I Can Conjure Up Some Cure For This Virus. At Least Now I Can Fly My Broom Around In Peace

Sayda Shanik Krasovec

8. Cutie Pie And Her Chicky

Melissa Tomas

9. When You’re Bored During A Pandemic And You Have The Best Boyfriend Model Ever

Danielle Elizabeth Photography

10. It’s Day 329 Of The Great Plague. The Target Mercantile Has Blessed Us With New Fabrics To Enhance Our Pandemic Fashion

Erin Kellar Stewart