People Are Posting Funny Pics Under ‘Target Dress Challenge’

11. Good-Bye ’20, Fling That Sh*t Behind You

Fruition Acres

12. Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

13. The Two Aught Two Aught Year Of Our Lord Hath Vexed Me

Thomas Henrich

14. Target Dress

target dress challengeMelissa Tomas

15. Quarantine Day 329: Pa Said If This Winter Holds Out Much Longer He’ll Need To Butcher The Hog

Corrie Bubbico

16. Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

17. Sometimes You Just Need A Snowy Day, A Good Friend To Agree To Shenanigans And Partake In A Good #targetdresschallenge

Brown Photography

18. Loggin’

target dress challengeFruition Acres

19. My Poor Girls Are Terrified Of This Dress And Ran Away Screaming, So I Had To Substitute. Including An Earlier Photo That Shows I Do Indeed Have Chickens

target dress challengeAndy Fell

20. Alright Y’all, Confession Time! Lol.. I Really Like The “Target Dress”.. And I Personally Think I Rocked It

target dress challengeLindsay Bright