28 Useful ‘Street Smart’ Tips That You Need Pay Attention


Avoid gawking around. It screams ‘tourist,’ which screams ‘money on them’ and ‘no idea what to do in a situation



Walk like you know where you’re going, make eye contact with strangers, and don’t wear fancy clothes/purses/backpacks when walking around the neighborhood or using public transport



In most cases, dressing and acting like you belong where you are goes a long way to blending in.

Whether it’s breaking into an office building or walking by yourself at night, your appearance goes a long way towards making you just another blotch of white nois

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Putting a chain on your wallet shows a thief exactly where your wallet is and a chain will not stop an experienced thief.



Don’t fumble through your pockets.

If you think your being followed go into a store calmly and chat with the workers.

Carry a loose dollar bill or two if your someone that likes to give money to people. Less likely to target the dude that handed a single dollar than the guy who pulled a dollar out of a wallet full of 20’s



Pay attention to your surroundings at all time but mind your own business. Depending on the neighborhood someone screaming for help from an alley isn’t really the one in danger

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Surround yourself with people who make you feel safe. There’s a difference between feeling comfortable and feeling safe. You could be comfortable with strangers— maybe you just met them and they’re nice. You might not be safe around those people, i.e. would those people help you if someone had a gun to your head, or run for their own safety? Find the people who you know would take a punch to keep you safe



Realize the difference between someone trying to hurt you and trying rob you. Act accordingly.

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