Specialized Tools That Only Used For Specific Things

31. Spent Shotgun Shell Lawn Sweeper Picker-Upper


32. Using A Comb To Straighten Air Conditioner Fins


33. Pedestrian Catcher In 1920s

specialized toolsmtimetraveller

34. They’re Childrens’ Training Scissors. Like For Pre-Schoolers. The Extra Holes Are So A Grown-Up Can Co-Scissor And Help The Kid


35. I’m A Dog Groomer. These Guys Are Chunkers Meant To Specifically “Chunk” Out The Thick Hair


36. Insulated Cryo Glove For Handling Very Cold Items (E.g. Liquid Helium). Like An Oven Mitt’s Cold Cousin

specialized toolsphronimouse

37. A Tool Used For Straw Roofing. Dutch Word For It Is ‘Drijfbord’


38. For Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant Folks

specialized tools


39. Ladies And Gentlemen, Allow Me To Present A Fabled “The Right Tool”. This Is The Only Tool That Can Be Used To Remove The Oil Filter Housing On A Lamborghini Gallardo


40. A Champagne Sabre, For Cutting The Tops Off Champagne Bottles

specialized toolsCitySquirrel202