Specialized Tools That Only Used For Specific Things

21. My Buddy Made Me A Label Applicator. Just Passed 8000 Bottles/Labels


22. The Sasumata Is A Pole Weapon Used By The Samurai In Feudal Japan. It’s Also Used Today To Safely Wrangle Anyone Posing A Threat To Civilians

specialized toolsSAmtoogz

23. New Type Of Parking Enforcement On My Campus Replacing The Boot, Appropriately Named “The Barnacle”


24. Bend Rules

specialized toolsmtimetraveller

25. Barrel-Filling Bridge


26. When A Guy Walks Into Your Office With This Thing Asking To Take A Reading. It’s Called A Velometer, And Measures The Speed Of Air In A Given Area. He Kindly Allowed Me To Take A Photo

specialized toolsAzayakaCosplay

27. Tool That Allows One Man To Move The Whole Train By Hand


28. I Work In A Stem Cell Lab. This Is A Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper, Used To Transport Cryopreserved Products Like Stem Cells And Vaccines In -150c

specialized tools


29. Nasa Pistol Grip Tool – A Cordless Power Screwdriver/Drill Used By Spacewalking Astronauts To Fix The Hubble Space Telescope And The International Space Station


30. Stenographer, The Machine The Court Reporters Use To Type Everything That Is Said There

specialized toolsmtimetraveller