Specialized Tools That Only Used For Specific Things

11. To Test Large Crane Capacity We Use Giant Water Bags… Aka The Balls Of Judgment

specialized toolsflgsrockon

12. In Case You Have Never Seen, These Baffle Balls Are Used Inside Water Trucks To Stop The Water From Sloshing Side To Side While Driving


13. This Titanium Coated Butter Knife With Internal Copper Alloy Heat Tubes. It’s Made To Heat Up When Held In Your Hand, So That It Is Easier To Spread Butter

specialized toolsRampChurch

14. You Saw My Largest And Smallest Hex Keys. These Are My Largest And Smallest Adjustable Wrenches!


15. A Street Sign Cleaning Vehicle, Complete With Soap, Water, A Brush And Some Kind Of Reflective Wax (Or Something?). First Time Seeing One In Germany


16. During The Australian Bushfires Any Water Source Can Be Used To Fight The Fires

specialized toolsoutdatedopinion

17. Curb Shaper


18. These Specialized Chain Tires That Are Used In The Extreme Heat Of Steel Mills

specialized tools


19. Refueling Helicopter In Mid-Air


20. Radius Measuring Guage

specialized toolsdartmaster666