30 Small Roles That Had A Huge Impact In TV And Movies

11. Doug Judy, Portrayed By Craig Robinson, In Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)

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12. Barb, Potrayed By Shannon Purser, In Stranger Things (2016)


13. Lilly Onakuramara, Portrayed By Hana Mae Lee, In The Pitch Perfect Movies

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14. June George, Portrayed By Amy Poehler, In Mean Girls (2004)


15. Boba Fett In Star Wars (1977-2020)


16. Dill And Rosemary Penderghast, Portrayed By Stanley Tucci And Patricia Clarkson, In Easy A (2010)

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17. Cabbage Merchant, Voiced By James Sie, In Avatar (2005)


18. Bethany Byrd, Joan The Secretary, Jonathan Malen And Others In Mean Girls (2004)


19. Madame Zeroni, Potrayed By Eartha Kitt, In Holes (2003)

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20. Any Role Played By Rob Schneider In Any Adam Sandler Movie