What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

3. Romantic


One of the most well seen sleeping positions on television is the romantic position. This position is named such as one partner rests their head on the other partner’s chest as they sleep. This position is considered to be a very affectionate one. While not overly clingy this position does typically demonstrate that you are new in a relationship. The romantic position can be uncomfortable for your neck and it may be a little unsettling to have that pressure on your chest.

4. Back to Back

Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

No, the back to back sleeping position is not out of an action movie.  It is simply sleeping with each other’s backs together.  While sleeping in this position may not be seen to be that romantic it definitely goes to show confidence in a relationship.  It also shows respect for how the other likes to sleep.  The downside?  Rolling into each other in the middle of the night and waking each other up.  You also don’t want to let yourselves get too separated, those who do not sleep close may suffer issues in their relationships.

5. Edges

Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

The edges sleeping position is one of great comfort.  You both have your own side of the bed and rarely should you meet.  Typically in the edges sleeping position you are also facing away from each other.  This position works for couples that don’t like to cuddle or have different ideas of comfort.  Many people like the bed cold while just as many like it warm for example.  Being on the edges of the bed though might create emotional distance and frustration in a relationship because human touch is part of how we build relationships.  Warning: this position may also lead to very funny tug of war sessions with the blankets, especially during the colder months.