Culzean Castle: A Romantic Masterpiece

Located in Carrick, Scotland, overlooking the River of Clyde, Culzean Castle is one of the greatest post-medieval castles in the country. The castle is a Romantic masterpiece, right at the mouth of a river, surrounded by lush forests, and under the dark weather of Scotland. Obviously, it is an icon of Scotland which already has some of the most impressive castles in the world. From 1972 to 2015, Culzean Castle was on the cover of Scottish five-pound notes. The castle’s story goes back to the Scottish kingdom, its fight against the English, and one of the most famous families the Scottish king trusted the most.

culzean castle

In the early 14th century, Scotland battled England in order to ensure the independence of the Scots. The war resulted in the favor of the Scots and Robert the Bruce became the official king of the country. One of the families who supported him was the Kennedy clan. To reward their loyalty and support, Robert made the head of the family a lord and gave him an earlship. After that day, the men of the lineage would assume the title of the Earl of Cassillis. 

culzean castle entrance

The construction of Culzean Castle began in 1777 and lasted for 15 years. The castle replaced a much older and simpler one in the same place. Moreover, the 10th Earl, David Kennedy personally requested the services of Robert Adam, who was one of the most famous and influential architects at the time.

culzean castle and the coast

David believed that the previous castle which his own brother, the former Earl, built did not represent the grandeur of an earlship. Therefore, he tried to make Culzean Castle as lavish and luxurious as possible. Ponds, woods, benches, a deer park, and the centerpiece of the castle the oval staircase were befitting to David’s vision.

culzean castle stone entrance

Arguably, the most famous piece in the castle is the collection of flintlock pistols and swords surrounding the Kennedy emblem. Today, Culzean Castle is one of the most popular castles for the Scots who can even now rent the castle for a time for social events.

pistol wall in the building
Betony Kelly
culzean castle grounds
the complex grounds and the road
clock tower in the town
Linda Brown