25 Of The Most Evil Serial Killers You Have Ever Known

Jeffrey Dahmer

This Milwaukee Cannibal had murdered a total of 17 boys and men.

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Dennis Nilsen

This killer had murdered fifteen gay men in his own home in London, England.

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Ted Bundy

This killer had murdered various young girls and women, decapitated 12 victims plus three other killings before being convicted.

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Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

These killers are believed to have murdered 25 victims in a ranch in California.

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John Wayne Gacy

This killings began in 1972-1978 murdering 33 young men and teenage boys in Illinois.

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Andrei Chikatilo

This Butcher of Rostov had brutally murdered about 52 children and women from 1978-1990 in Russia.

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Tommy Lynn Sells

This killer in Texas had known for committing brutal murders from 1985-1999.


Gary Ridgway

This killer was arrested for committing four murders but had confessed to have killed seventy women in Washington.

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Pedro Rodrigues Filho

This serial killer is convicted for murdering seventy one people.

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Daniel Camargo Barbosa

This serial killer was said to have raped and even killed almost 150 girls in Ecuador and Colombia.

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Dr. Harold Shipman

This English doctor had killed 250 people through injecting fatal doses of diamorphine.

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Pedro Alonso Lopez

This serial killer was said to have killed more than three hundred girls in South America.

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You really can’t believe that these people have done things but you should because they are killers.