People Share Secondhand Finds On This Online Group, And They Are Really Lucky

11. I Thought I Was Hallucinating, All For Under $25


12. Brooks Brothers Suit, $10, Community Aid. Tie, $2, Salvation Army. Waited Til Some Nice Weather To Wear It

13. Picked Up This Witchy 1940s Era Coat Today For $20

14. I’m An Opera Singer. Guess Who Found This $1000 Chiara Boni Gown For $15 At Salvation Army

15. 30 Years Ago My Late Great Grandfather Shut Down His Men’s Clothing Store. Today I Bought A Suit Tailored By Him Nearly 400 Miles Away In A Goodwill

16. $2. The Lady Had Absolutely No Idea Who These People Are

17. Thrifted Everything Here. Took Us A Few Years But It Was Oh So Worth It


18. Got An Old Antique Hardware Store Cabinet From Offerup For $100 – It Has 72 Drawers & Spins


19. Just Found This Beauty At A Yard Sale For $20


20. Thrifted This Pink Velvet Bench Never Used For $175 And I Am Over The Moon