40 Scary Pets That Gave Their Owner Almost A Heart Attack

30. I Caught My Mom’s Dog Playing In Her Curtains And Thought It Would Make A Cute Picture. The Result Was Nightmare Fuel


31. This Dog Trying To Catch A Ball

scary petspm_me_raccoon_vids

32. A House Near Me Has A Bit Of A Cat Problem


33. My Parent’s Cat Prince Lost His Nose A Few Years Ago To Skin Cancer And I Think He Looks A Bit Like Voldemort Now, And Has A Similar Attitude

scary petsWhenIsNaptime

34. My Dog Has Heterochromia – Her Blue Eye Reflects Red And Her Brown Eye Reflects Blue


35. This Sheepdog With A Shaved Head

scary petsStaceyLades

36. Went To Yawn And Accidentally Summoned Venom


37. “My Claws Are Needles. My Teeth Are Tacks. I Am Despair. I. Am. Fluff”


38. Brigand Got His Head Stuck Into The (Freeze-Dried Chicken) Treat Jar And Now He Looks Like A Demon And Omg I’m Dying

scary petsMadfluffs

39. That Spooked The Hell Out Of Me


40. Sphynx Cat With No Eyes

scary petskimwoodburnfan