40 Scary Pets That Gave Their Owner Almost A Heart Attack

There might be scary pets as much as the cute and funny ones. Most of the time it is surprising to see pets as scary but in some cases they are scary as hell. People shared their pets’ scary moments and here are 40 of them.

1. He Is Not A Devil. He Is Just A Cat In Flour

scary petsteddy-bear-the1st

2. This Dog’s Shadow


3. There’s A Lot Of Reasons Why Your Mailman Might Not Deliver Your Packages, And This Is One Of Them. I Can Handle A Dog, But Not A Dog With An Axe

scary petsTim Smith

4. I Feel Like I Just Interrupted A Meeting For Little Demons


5. She Loves The Blower

scary petsvinkulelu

6. Give Me Those Tweezers

7. I Found The Cheshire Cat. He Lives In My Apartment Complex

scary petsrecon455

8. She’s Beauty And She’s Grace


9. His Favorite Companion. He Carries It On Our Walks And Scares The Neighborhood Kids

scary petsnonmimeticform

10. Baby Photo Of Wolfie