30 Scary Corridors That Look Like A Nightmare

11. The Exit

scary corridorsArtyInACarty

12. I Walked Out Of My Room And Was Greeted With This. The Only Light Is From The Exit Signs At Either End Of The Hall, But Walking Towards Them Doesn’t Get You Any Closer


13. Late Night Medieval Street – Barcelona

scary corridorschicano-superman

14. I’ve Been Walking In Circles For Hours. Will It Ever End?


15. The Lights In This Hallway

scary corridorsSeishin_Yurei

16. First Time Posting Here. My Hometown Movie Theater


17. Apartment Hallway In Dallas Looks Like A Scene From The Titanic

scary corridorsvalpaal

18. I Was The Last One To Leave My Dorm


19. Only A Faint Hum And My Footsteps Can Be Heard

scary corridorsMr_PoodlePants

20. It’s Quiet For Now In The Station