20 Unusually Round Animals That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Animals come in all breeds, shapes and sizes.  But let’s go back to that shape part for a second – there isn’t a whole lot cuter than a pudgy, round animal.  And so, to brighten your day, here is a collection of unusually round animals that will bring a smile to your face!

1. Perfect Snowball

perfectly round animalstsuyukusa38

2. These Chinchillas

perfectly round animalsCameron’s chinchillas

3. Round Owl

perfectly round animalsthingamijig

4. A Ball Of Bearded Reedling

perfectly round animalsbird_drangsland

5. Round Japanese Flying Squirrel

perfectly round animalsPop Shiretoko

6. Seal Pup


7. Round White Cat

perfectly round animals

8. Bichon Tori

perfectly round animalsbichon_tori

9. Round Pregnant Guinea Pig

perfectly round animalscomment_sniffer

10. Round Bird

perfectly round animalsNigel