These Chinchillas’ Butts Are So Round, They Look Fake

Not many rodents carry a reputation for being cute, but chinchillas have managed to do so thanks to their lovable demeanour and extremely fluffiness. Cameron Holmes shares a passion for chinchillas and all their cuteness, having bread a pack who appear even cuter when photographed from behind. Why? Because of their hilariously round butts!

They resemble some sort of giant purple ball of fluff, helping the already cute chinchilla look even more adorable. The breed is known as violet chinchillas, which makes plenty of sense when you look at their fur, which has an appealing purple hue to it.

The combination of a perfectly round derriere and unusual colour make these photos of the violet chinchilla that bit better – they truly are adorable! Better still, this breed of chinchilla make for great pets, as they are pretty low-maintenance, preferring to clean themselves, as well as enjoying snacks and naps like any good pet!

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