Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels: One Of The Cutest Animals On Earth

To anyone who thinks that flying squirrels actually fly – Wrong! They have membranes that are located between their front and back legs which allow them to glide! They have been known to travel over 100 meters to escape from a predator or to just reach their next tree!

That said, these Japanese and Siberian squirrels are just about as cute and plump as anything on earth! These squirrels are only found in Japan and Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific coast.  They are in a unique category of Old World Flying Squirrels. These squirrels do not hibernate but during the winter months, they can sleep up to days on end!

Ok, scroll down and check out these adorable squirrels! Be ready to squeal and wish they were in your backyard!

siberian japanese dwarf flying squirrel