These Guys Have Been Exchanging The Same Birthday Card For 47 Years

Gotta love these feel good stories, right?  This one has lots to show for itself, even if it’s not in a physical sense.  These two family members have been exchanging the same birthday card for over 47 years, and yes, it is exactly as it sounds.

After buying it back in the 70s for 25 cents, the card was given from one to the other, with each other’s names crossed off as it was tossed back and forth.  What started as a joke, became a tradition that had the whole family involved in a way that made a lot of people excited and laugh each year birthday cards came out.  Exchanged, now, for as long as it has been, many are wondering how many years each person has left.  After all, a birthday card can only hold together so long, and everyone is rooting for it to last as long as possible.

It’ll be shame when a new card will have to take its place, but it’s hopeful that maybe by then, there will be an even better group of family members who can take on the task amongst themselves and spread the love even further. (h/t: reddit)

They bought it back in 1970 and exchanged it every birthday since


The card cost only 25 cents and was exchanged 94 times