This Woman Built Her Dog A Bedroom Under The Stairs And The Details Are Impressive

If you are a dog lover, this exciting little story about a dog with his own room – no, seriously, it was designed specifically for him – is going to make you squeal in delight. This little chihuahua named Pancho demanded his own room when his mom moved into a new home after retiring. She perfectly decorated the under the stairs room so that it was a tiny room for her tiny dog. Pancho uses the room regularly and it’s so cute to see that he has his own space in the home that is all about him and no one else.


While some may feel that building a room for your dog is crazy, we guarantee that dog lover everywhere are now getting their heads full of ideas about how they can transform their own homes into dog sanctuaries for deserving animals out there that want their own space just like Pancho. So, go ahead and call that contractor!


Art hanging on the walls, a tiny reproduction of the famous painting of dogs playing poker, little elegant chest of drawers, a bedside lamp and a golden luxurious bed…