Steve McCurry Retrospective Presents 150 Striking Portraits of People and Cultures Around the World

A photographer from America, Steve McCurry, recently organized an exhibition named the Oltre lo Sguardo. He has displayed images from over 30 different countries of the world. He gained limelight for his photograph named the Afghan Girl. He has photographed remote places in India and Afghanistan extensively.

Shown below are several portraits by Steve McCurry that would help you connect with the scenarios magically. He started this exhibition with the concept of “looking beyond” and has attracted several art enthusiasts for the excellent photos. You can have a look at the diverse and striking portraits by Steve McCurry. Steve McCurry’s website – Oltre lo Sguardo website (h/t:designboom)

An elderly man of the Rabari tribe, Rajasthan, India, 2010

Steve McCurry

Portrait of a boy from the Suri tribe, Omo valley, Ethiopia, 2013

Steve McCurry

Workers on a steam locomotive, India, 1983

Steve McCurry

Shadow play, Preah Khan, Angkor, Cambodia, 1999

Steve McCurry

A boy sits on a chair, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2013

Steve McCurry

Golden Retriever

Just a Golden Retriever Playing with Her Nine Puppies in the Snow

fast cat

Circular Treadmill for Cats Gives Them Hamster Wheel-Like Exercise