40 Genius Ideas To Solve Restroom Problems

31. The Bathroom Door At My College Has A Foot Door Opener


32. The Bathroom I Was In Had A Switch To Let An Employee Know It Needed Attention


33. My School’s Bathroom Has A New “Wash Your Hands” Sign

restroom problemsImAPlebe

34. These Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs


35. This Café Has Lights Above The Toilet Signs So You Can See If They Are Occupied Without Getting Up

restroom problemsPatat0man

36. This Bathroom Has A Touchless Door Control


37. This Door In My Hotel Bathroom Can Close Off Either Of 2 Doorways

restroom problemsJave85

38. Sign In Chick-Fil-A Bathroom


39. This Restaurant Has Mother’s Day Cards In The Bathroom In Case You Forgot To Get Your Mom One


40. The Bathroom At This Restaurant Has A Foot Pedal For The Tap

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