40 Genius Ideas To Solve Restroom Problems

21. This Movie Theater Has Screens In The Bathrooms So You Don’t Miss Any Of The Action


22. Pet Bathroom At The Burbank Airport

restroom problemsdisneyway

23. Auto Glass Repair Shop Men’s Bathroom Has A Full Blown Standalone Changing Table


24. This Bar Has Sinks Located Just Outside Of The Bathrooms So Everyone Can See If You Didn’t Wash Your Hands


25. My School Put Free Pad And Tampon Vending Machines In The Girls’ Bathrooms

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26. This Japanese Toilet Refills Through A Sink In The Top So You Can Rinse Your Hands And Re-Use The Water


27. The Toilets In These Bathrooms Flushes With Rainwater


28. This Mcdonalds Have This Sticker On Their Bathroom Mirrors

restroom problems


29. These Bathroom Stall Doors Have An Overlap To Avoid That Awkward Crack


30. This Sushi Restaurant Has Two Soaps In The Bathroom. One For Before You Eat And One For After

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