40 Genius Ideas To Solve Restroom Problems

Anyone might need restrooms at any time and they are almost everywhere. But there is a need to solve restroom problems to make them more useful. Here are 40 genius ideas to solve restroom problems.

1. The Bathroom At My Doctor’s Office Has A Discreet Way For Victims Of Abuse, Violence, Or Human Trafficking To Get Help

restroom problemstheryanfight

2. This Brewery Has A Sign In The Bathroom That Offers A Backup Plan In Case Your Date Isn’t Going So Well


3. This Disabled Bathroom Has A Sign To Say It’s Ok For Anyone Of Any Disability To Use It

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4. Whoever Invented This For When I’m Taking A Crap In A Public Restroom To Hold My Child In Place Is A Genius


5. This Zoo Has A Complimentary Sunscreen Dispenser In The Bathroom

restroom problemshotdee7

6. My Office Flipped All The Women’s Restroom Vending Machines To Be Free


7. These Kids Toilets In A London Museum Whose Sinks Slope To Cater For Progressively Shorter Children

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8. My School’s Bathrooms Have Pedals Instead Of Handles


9. All Of The Toilet Lights In My Town Have Been Changed To Fluorescent Blue, In An Attempt To Prevent Heroin Users From Being Able To Find A Vein To Use


10. Every Restroom Needs One

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