40 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

Rescuing pets from shelters instead of buying them is much more sensitive. Seeing rescued pets will warm your heart. Here are 40 new rescued pets photos.

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1. This Stray Cat Was Hit By A Car, Had A Broken Jaw And Arm. Doctors Did Surgery But Had To Remove Most Of Her Teeth. She Recovered Fully And Has A Goofy Smile Now. One Of The Surgeons Adopted Her Straight From The Clinic And Named Her Duchess The Miracle Cat


2. Went To Adopt A Kitten Yesterday And Her Sister Started Crying For Her As Soon As They Were Separated. So Now I Have Two Kittens. Best Decision Ever!

3. First Night Home From The Shelter After Adoption

4. Sterile Cat Gets An Adoption Kitten From The Streets


5. Went To Adopt Orange Cat, Got A Cat With Orange Eyes

6. The Moment I Knew I Had To Adopt Him


7. This Lucky Little Lady Was Found Abandoned In The Middle Of The Road At Just A Few Weeks Old. She Was Missing One Eye And The Other Was So Severely Infected That It Had To Be Removed. After Nursing Her Back To Health, She Was Too Amazing To Put Up For Adoption. So, Meet Smishy!

8. I Just Adopted My First Pet! This Is Kisa, She Is My Emotional Support Animal My BF And I Discovered She’s A Naturally Cuddly Kitty Who Loves Pets! In Only 3 Days She’s Made Her Own Little Nap Spot On My Bed, And We Chill While I Do Homework. She’s Also Beautiful To Boot!


9. Since I Adopted Her She Has Been Hiding Under The Couch And Today She Came To Me For The First Time After Two Weeks

10. It Took 3 Months, But Our Rescue Boy Has Learned That Beds Are Safe And Comfy. After 5 Years Alone In An Outdoor Concrete Run, It’s Beautiful To See Him So Relaxed