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30 People Who Were ‘Copy-Pasted’ DNA On Different Relatives

The Ancestry DNA subreddit is an online group where people share pics of their similarity with genetic ancestry and it looked like DNA was copy-pasted on different relatives.

1. I Never Understood Why People Said I Look Like My Dad Until We Found This Picture Of My Paternal Grandma

similar relativesArtemis Fartemis

2. A Friend Of Mine Took This Picture At A Clinic. Rare Condition From Mother To Daughter

3. My Son On The Left And My Dad On The Right W/My Little Sister

4. My Father And I At 29

5. My Norwegian Great-Grandmother And I Favor Quite A Bit. According To My Test (And Genealogy Maps) My Scandinavian Roots Are Only 26%, But Her Genes Must’ve Been As Strong As Her Back!

6. Me & My Mom’s Hs Grad Pics 2004/1971

7. The Genes Seem To Run Strong In My Fiancé’s Family

8. My Whole Life People Have Told Me “You Look Just Like Your Mom When She Was Your Age”. I Never Saw It But When I Found This Old Picture Of My Mom (L) When She Was Little… I See It

9. Me At Age 30 vs. My Dad At Age 14

10. My Paternal Grandfather And Me, I Always Thought I Looked Nothing Like My Dad Until I Saw His Dad