Chefs Share Restaurant “Red Flags” That People Should Look Out

11. This is late but I clean kitchen exhaust systems. If you walk in a restaurant and can smell grease walk out. That means the place isn’t clean. From the exhaust system to cooking equipment.
We clean some places where grease drips off the hoods onto cooking surfaces.

restaurant red flagsFoxZach63,Sean MacEntee

12. If employees try to argue with you about food quality in order to dissuade you from sending something under cooked back, just leave. It means they have a cook who can’t take criticism and your chances at getting a sneezer are greatly increased.

A_pencil_artist,ITTO Tech

13. Ask where your oysters come from. If they don’t know, you don’t want them. Same for most seafood.

heroesforsale,Jonathan Pearson

14. Watch the wait staff. If the majority of them seem disgruntled or upset, things probably aren’t great. They probably don’t care about your food if they aren’t being treated fairly.


15. When my boss (the owner) used to host and people would complain to her about the hour wait on Saturday night at 7pm and then threaten to leave, she would tell them, “If the restaurant you choose does not have a wait on a Saturday night, you may not want to eat there.” And then turn her biggest sh*t-eating grin on them


16. Pastry chef here. As much as people say avoid specials, I can’t speak for everyone but at least in desserts/breakfast pastries, if you see something new its worth trying. Chances are it’s something the chef has been working on for weeks on their own time, there’s a lot of love and effort put into it.
Also, the standby if the menu is a book, it’s probably not great.
The biggest thing to keep an eye on though imo is the staff. If there’s pissed off people, get out as fast as you can obviously. If everyone is kinda apathetic and not talking to each other much, get out. That’s also a shitty environment, everyone is probably really passive aggressive, and that’s going to show. If people seem genuinely good with being there even if it’s busy or if there’s playful ragging going on, that’s where you want to be. The better the staff gets along, the better everything in the place runs.

robotran,Louis Hansel

17. Pro tip: Look up the health inspector reports for your county.

homeboi808,Austin Distel

18. Most often, lemons for water are really gross and dirty

restaurant red flags

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19. Used to work in a fancy kitchen. Any place that is charging more than $25 for a chicken entree is a goddamn scam.

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20. If you order a meal that should take a long time to cook and it comes out very quickly, it’s been pre-cooked

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