10+ Interesting Pics Of Rarely Seen Things

11. Blue Bees Exist (Blue Carpenter Bee)

blue bee

12. Tulips Blooming In The Snow


13. This Sea Slug, Which Looks Like A Leaf, Can Go Without Eating For 9 Months, Because It Can Photosynthesize Just Like A Plant While Basking In The Sun

Patrick J. Krug

14. A Curly-Haired Horse

Curly Horse

15. My Neighbor’s House Encased In Ice After The Recent Blizzard In Ohio (On Shore Of Lake Erie)


16. Assisted Living Facility Made To Look Like A Small 1940s American Town


17. 140 Million Year Old, 500 Kg Dinosaur Femur Discovered In France

Georges Gobet

18. This Shower Formed Naturally Inside A Cave


20. Nasa’s Photo Of Pluto

Johns Hopkins University/APL