What Are The Most Effective Psychological ‘Tricks’ You Use?



Put headphones in and play the music that fits your hoped-for mood. It shifts me over to it mentally. It really helps when I need to calm down or when I need to feel happier.


psychological tricksRiDDDiK1337

When you are standing in a group and somebody tells a joke or something funny happens, people tend to look towards the person they like the most while laughing.



If you’re trying to pick out dinner with your partner, rather than ask, ‘What do you want?’ and getting the typical ‘I don’t know, anything’ answer and then having suggestions shot down, start with, ‘What do you NOT want? Used it a few times in some of my relationships, and it’s the godsend question



If I desperately need to poo and I’m on my way to the bathroom (eg. driving home or walking to one) I’ll imagine it in my mind as being really far away. This stops the urgency and I find I can get there calmly :-)


psychological tricksunknown

If you need to remember something, think about it while doing something noticeably unusual. This will pair the memory with the “something”, so that when it is noticed later on it will trigger that particular memory.

e.g. I need to take out the garbage before going to bed.

Put your pillow at the foot of your bed.



Making people think that you need them is always better than asking them to simply do something for you.

i.e: instead of saying: “Can you do this for me?” you should say: “Listen I need you help; I can’t do this.”

Makes people feel good about themselves and even like you on a deeper level.


psychological trickssjuulbakkie

Say hello to everybody you know, and say it with a smile. Just imagine: If someone walks into you twice a year and both times you smile and greet them enthusiastically, they will think of you as a nice person. So little effort for a person to find you friendly!



If you hand something to someone they will take it. It’s a lot of fun


psychological tricksLeadDeathKnight

This is dumb and shouldn’t work. But I’m a bartender. And if I ask someone if they want another drink and nod my head at the same time most people are inclined to do it.


Listen to someone without giving advice or asking for more information. This typically gets me more information than if I were to be pushy about it.