What Are The Most Effective Psychological ‘Tricks’ You Use?


psychological tricksFantomUnicorn

Saying ‘You’re right!’ instead of ‘I know’ makes you look less like a [jerk] and doesn’t diminish something someone else may have just found out.



On an airplane, if my seatmate is hogging the armrest or being too chatty, I grab the barf bag. Works every time.



When somebody shy is speaking, if you look at them and nod your head, it encourages them to keep talking.


psychological tricks______-_-___

give kids 2 choices instead of letting them pick from whatever

you control.

could be 2 points of time. like “now” or in 10 minutes,

or do you want the red or the blue shirt on

things like that

works wonderfully. they feel in control, but have absolutely no control.

can work with some adults too



When I do something bothersome to my husband and he goes quiet, I wait a few minutes and then ask him a seemingly innocent question, usually on the subject of how certain parts of a car works. This gets him talking about the car thing and he rambles for like five minutes, and then, bam! He’s happy again and not quietly brooding. I’ll never tell him I do this because I’m afraid it won’t work anymore if he knows about it. It’s foolproof, though; it works every single time, no matter how bothered he is.


psychological tricksShuski_Cross

“Tell me about your day. ” instead of “How was your day?”

I do it when I really want to chat with a person and not get the usual “It’s been OK” then nothing out of them after that.

Heard it on reddit a while back and I am amazed at how well it works. You get some info out of the person that you can maybe relate to, or help with or share similar ideas/stories.



When I have something important to say to my kids, I say it very quietly so that they listen. They’re immune to my yelling, but whispering gets their attention.


psychological tricksOrpheus91

If you need to deescalate someone and get them to communicate, ask them questions about numbers or personal information. I work in emergency services. If someone is totally distraught and shut down, asking their phone number, address, Social Security number, or birth date can pull them out of an emotional place and bring them back to a headspace where they can talk about what happened more easily. I often ask these questions even after I have the information, just to deescalate.



At this point it’s pretty well known, but Ive been using it for a few decades and has a special spot for me because I ‘came up with it’ (and was probably the 3 billionth person to ‘come up with it’).

Flip a coin if you cant decide something, and then follow whether or not you feel happy or disappointed with the result that it gives you.


psychological tricksTycho278

I have a coworker who is an excessive talker. She has a heart of gold and means no harm whatsoever, but I don’t have time to listen to her stream of consciousness every day. Anytime she comes into my office to chat, I give her a minute to get the gist out, and then I stand and walk out of my office. She always follows and continues yammering, and we walk right back to her cubicle. Sometimes I’ll ditch her in the hallway under a guise of forgetting something at my desk. She hasnt noticed yet that I’ve been walking her back to her desk for months.